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Fuel Burning Systems

Single or Multi Fuel

Power Flame’s versatile line of commercial, industrial burners and Process Burners are suited for a variety of applications. PowerFlame offers several models with certified capacities from 400 MBH to 92,000 MBH Custom designs up to 125,000 MBTU/HR are available. Capable of firing all types of gas, as well as all grades of commercial fuel oil (No. 2 through No. 6) various liquid or gaseous fuels of similar characteristics.

Specialty Fuel


Power Flame’s forced draft gas burners are designed to fire natural, LP and various waste gases. Exclusive firing head designs provide optimum efficiency and stable combustion under either negative or positive chamber conditions. Shipped completely assembled, wired and factory fire-tested.

Solid Fuel Feeders

Hurst Boilers

Hurst has over forty years of experience designing engineering and manufacturing solid fuel fired and biomass boiler systems and over 10,000 installations worldwide has made Hurst the industry’s most popular solid fuel fired boiler. Contact your A.B. Young representative for details on Solid Fuel Fired Boilers that are specifically designed to utilize a wide range of standard and alternative fuels for Solid Fuel and Biomass Boiler solutions.

Low NOx

PowerFlame Low NOx Equipment

Flexibility of choice in NOx reduction techniques is the key to successful emissions control. Combustion chamber geometry and construction, as well as heat release levels are among the more important determining factors in the choice of low NOx application equipment. Heat exchanger designs vary significantly, and the choice of the most appropriate NOx reduction method is an essential element in meeting current and future emissions standards. Let the experts at A.B. Young and Power Flame help tailor a low emissions burner system to your specific job requirements to provide optimum choice of the most cost effective protocols for your application.